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�She is the only actor who actually has Kudamaloor Karunakaran�s unique style of portraying female characters"

Sunil Hassan, Madhyana Daily November 2004

�Indian dance is in her blood, Maryse Noiseux brings to the world the art of Kathakali"

La Naci�n, Costa Rica
November 2002

�...excellent performance of a great co- protagonist, Maryse Noiseux, whom we will long 
remember for her expressive face that transforms itself incredibly due to a kind of internal luminosity�

Leonardo Sole, Sardaigna
July 1992

The protagonist was Maryse Noiseux, ambassador in the world of this extraordinary dance-drama� The public in a religious silence was 
fascinated by this story without time�

La Provincia, Italy
July 2003

��performing with dignity along with the master was his disciple Maryse Noiseux, who has given a veritable lesson in elegance, precision, and expressive completion of 

Nicola Pasqualicchio, Veroma
July, 1996


�Completing the majestic grandeur of Narakasura were the womanly graces of his partner, played with finesse by Maryse Noiseux�

Hindustan Times, New Delhi
December 1991


Maryse Noiseux
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