Activites in 2018

3 Months Course on Kathakali to Italian Actress

Kathakali demonstration and workshop in Govt. U.P and Nursery School, Chalai, Trivandrum.

Ashtanga Yoga workshop with italian students.

Activites in 2017 (December - March)

Free kathakali demonstration with children at Shanti Joy Nivas- Charitable Trust (Pondicherry) founded by Daniela Olmeda from Italy. Mudra demonstrations of animals, playful interaction with the children from ages 6-13 during 2 consecutive Sunday-school curricular activities.

4 weeks free intensive workshop on Kathakali, Karnatic Music, Kalaripayattu (martial arts) with 16 theatre students from France, as an exchange programme between France and India by AFDAS.

1 week free workshop with Chinese contemporary dancer Lee Yaung and indian dance students.

2 days performances in honour of late Master Kudamaloor Karunakaran Nair's 101 birthday.