Poothana Moksham - The final liberation of the demoness Poothana

The story is from the Bhagavatha Purana, which recounts the life of Lord Krishna. Krishna was born from Queen Devaki, sister of the powerful and evil King Kamsa to whom was prophesied that the eighth child of his sister would come to earth to kill him. To be sure, Kamsa killed all the sons of Devaki, including the eighth one, who was a girl.

The Gods, in fact, had replaced the infant Krishna, at birth, and gave the divine child to another royal family. Kamsa, not believing that it was a woman who was to kill him, had a doubt that the prophesied child was still alive - also because, a nearby royal family was growing a special baby. So he decided to send a demoness to find him and feed him with her poisoned milk.

Thus, under the disguise of a beautiful woman Poothana ventures to the palace. On her way she describes the beauty around, mimes all the activities of the women that she encounters: she dances, plays music, and makes butter. Finally she arrives near Krishna. Enchanted at the sight of the divine child, she plays with him with love and tenderness. Horrified at the idea of killing him, she decides to leave, but suddenly remembers Kamsa's threat to kill her if she fails her mission.

When everybody is sleeping the demoness she puts poison on her breast and feeds the baby. Krishna sucks the poison and the life-force from Poothana, before her death the God Krishna gives her the vision of his cosmic form. Dying in his hands she achieves final liberation, ‘Moksha’.

Duration of the performance: 50 Minutes.